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What People Are Saying

EDGE Mobility System is hands down the best site for Manual Therapy, Rehab, and Fitness products, ebooks, and videos.

Dr. Russell Manalastas - Mana Performance Therapy

If you need to learn manual therapy, IASTM, Pain Science and more, EDGE Mobility System has the product for you!

Jason Shane - Shane Physiotherapy

From fitness, to strength (BFR) and mobility, EDGE Mobility System has everything I need for my clients

Dr. Kyle Coffey - Motus PT and Performance

I find the Edge tool and mobility bands indispensable in my practice over last 4 years and his course I took last month was a great blend of pain science and practical manual skills!

Jen Lausten, DPT - Tomkins Orthopedic PT

EDGE Mobility System is my go-to for IASTM products and rehab equipment. It's easy to use and all of the products are of high quality with a reasonable price point. I recommend it to both patients and students. This site is also a great resource for learning with on-line courses and daily blogs.

Sally Moores, DPT - Artemis Physical Therapy